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Custom Moonroof Lifter
Winner of the 2014 Owens Corning Safety Award! Thank you!
Ergo-Links Custom Input Drive Handler
Portable Paint Pail Processor- all in one station!
Custom Ergonomic Pharma Bottle Lifter
Custom Dunnage Lifter

Gorbel Bridge Crane

Shown with multiple runways, different directions

Custom Aimco Vacujib/Vaculex Lift Assist Mounted to Mezzanine
Custom Drink Machine Rotating Manipulator
Brake Drum Lifter
Axle Shaft Rigid Gripper
Insulation Gripper for Safe Material Handling
Custom Ergonomic Battery Gripper
Custom Transmission Case Lifter
Clean Room Manipulater for low ceiling
Ergo-Links Custom Input Drive Gripper
Complete Pallet Building Section for multiple pallets

Portable Gorbel Bridge Crane,

Shown with Vaculex Lifter

Barnes and Associates - Ergonomic Lift Assists

Welcome to the BARNES & ASSOCIATES website!

BARNES & ASSOCIATES is the first Company in the USA to offer the piLIFT ® SMART; the first vacuum lifter ever that meets the needs of industry 4.0. It brings the latest technology to enable both operator and operation to obtain live information on performance and status. Maintenance will benefit from service indicators that will enable peak operating performance. The weight of the lifted object displayed on the piLIFT ® SMART screen can help the operator to distinguish and identify loads as well as quality assure incoming or outgoing products. Via a web based platform usage data can be viewed either live or obtained as defined reports, e.g. total weight and number of units handled.

The piLIFT ® SMART is really something else – in every sense. The usability, flexibility and data management capability puts it in a category of its own.

  • Less energy consupmtion by 76 %
  • Low sound level
  • Ergonomic
  • User Friendly
  • Smart

We have been in the Lift Assist business for more than 40 years and offer some of the very best equipment available in the Industry. We provide expert Job Analysis of the work area and then specify and integrate the proper equipment to perform the task at hand. We can provide turn-key solutions for most Lift Assist requirements including the Crane, Lifter, End Tooling, and Lift Tables or other auxiliary work station needs. This provides a single order point for Purchasing and a single point of Project Coordination.

  • We have specialized solely in Ergonomic Handling Equipment for over 40 years and apply these disciplines to your application.

  • We specify, coordinate, integrate and train workers for your project, putting our many years of knowledge and expertise in Ergonomics to your advantage.

  • Our Partners and Suppliers are Dedicated Professionals with many years of expertise in their field. Our Equipment meets or exceeds OSHA Standards that fall under the General Duty Clause and the proposed NIOSH lifting guidelines developed for OSHA Standards.

  • Leasing Options Available

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